November 21st, 2015:


Finally, I was able to get the Thule Rack and the sliders installed...which both happened to be a complete pain in the ass. The Thule Rack had fitment issues which required me to get artificial gutters installed (drilled into the hardtop), then there was an issue if there is enough space is fit my massive ski bindings. Both issues ended up being fine, but not exactly planned.

Then the side steps were bought off eBay with no instructions or installation hardware. I left that one to the professionals. Overall, the thing for once actually looks respectable and dirty (which this is the first car I’ve owned that I’m okay with it being dirty).


On a separate note, I got plates (excuse the disoriented pic)!

Overall I’m pretty happy...the side steps make it look like a much more expensive Wrangler. I still have yet to take it on any major offroad adventures.