So I’ve had my wrangler for over a month and managed to throw 1,000 miles onto it, mostly from driving to the mountains. Here are my thoughts!

Driving it:
- I’d like to think I’m pretty good at driving stick, but I’m still trying to master this clutch. First gear is made for offroading/crawling, so I usually find myself revving to like 1800RPM before letting off the clutch.
- It’s got some power...with 285HP, I never really find it struggling, except when I’m going up a major mountain. It requires a lot more gear manipulation than I’m used to in order to maintain speeds upon a change in the grade. I’m so glad I opted for the 3.73 gear ratio; I can’t imagine the stock ratio...especially at this altitude.
- I was pretty happy when I no longer had to buy premium fuel, but I now get 16.6MPG :(

The Good:
- A sense of camaraderie. I’ve never owned a car with such an amazing group of owners. From the wave, to the small chats at gas stations, to the parking near each-other...these are some of the nicest people.
- Not worrying about potholes/speed bumps/small children.
- Charm
-’s endless.

The Bad:
- Sound: the stereo sucks. It’s apparently better than it’s ever been (stock), but no bass, and it sounds like it’s going to blow at volume level 22 (out of 50).
- It’s small. Granted, I should have gotten the Unlimited, but this thing can barely fit a suitcase in it without having to fold down the rear seats.
- Headlights: they suck, but I’ve already found replacements.
- The headrests. Whomever designed this was seemingly under the impression that the drivers would constantly be staring downwards.


Although my cons outweigh my pros, I love this thing. It’s honest. It doesn’t try to be anything it’s not and the owner’s are awesome. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more fun once I can take the top off!


(I’m pissed I’m currently advertising for the scummy dealer I bought it from, but I guess that’ll do until my plates are ready)

(I love the Moab Edition wheels I got for’ll look 10x better once my side steps are installed)


(Installed this fuel door today)