Expect an updated TSX Oppo review soon. With new pictures!

It was a roller coaster for ol’ Two Sheds. My Prelude broke down several times, was a hit and run victim, and I drove it in the snow for what hopefully was the only time, but I got new wheels and tires for it. I then bought a TSX to do daily duties and ended up driving it far more often than the Prelude, which rarely leaves my house anymore. I sold one of my older Preludes, while the other is still broken. I also met a couple Oppos, went to Japanese Classics and Cars & Coffee, and finally saw my first NSX.

Outside cars, I got promoted at work, which has been a headache, but rewarding. I had a German girlfriend for most of the spring and summer, but it didn’t work out. Still would like to date another one, though. I also drank lots of beer, visiting almost all of Richmond’s two dozen breweries over the course of the year. All the good ones and most of the rest. I may or may not do a ranking of them, or at least a semi-comprehensive list of them.