here’s the story of this crazyness. Our co-pilot had a seizure. And since you can not fly without a co-pilot, we’ve been hanging out at the New Mexico airport for the last two hours. We’re going to be arriving at San Francisco at 11:30am, however because of this we’ve missed our connecting flight to osaka.

So we’re going to be in San Francisco for 8 hours, we’re then going to catch a plane at 7:30. We’ll arrive at Tokyo at 7pm, we then have to spend the night in tokyo to catch a flight to osaka at 7am to arrive at 8:30am the next day. This has turned into insanity.

On the upside I had an amazing Calzone at tbe New Mexico airport. That said I’m probobly not going to be able to get any okonomiyaki in Osaka, the home of okonomiyaki. :(