Going to make the turn from the road leading into the plant and I go to down shift from third into second. I hit the gas to rev match and nothing happens. At the same time, my steering becomes really tough and the car seems like it doesn’t want to turn. I then look down and the check engine light is staring me in the face. Then I realize that’s because the engine has decided it no longer needed to be on any more. Because the clutch is already in, I hit the start stop button and it fires right back up.

This isn’t the first time that it’s decided that it hasn’t wanted to be on anymore. Usually it’s under deceleration in second gear or sitting idling at a light. Done it a handful of times and has had no problem restarting each time. Don’t know what’s wrong, doesn’t appear to be throwing any codes; it was at the dealer for recalls on Wednesday and they would have told me if anything was wrong, because they want to charge me to repair it, they mentioned some oil seepage. So I have no idea. The strange thing is I put 26000 miles on the car in a year with basically no issues. Now that my drive to work is only 15 minutes, it seems to be acting up.

If I wasn’t so upside down on it, I would be thinking about getting something else. Maybe not, I just don’t feel like spending a lot of money chasing a gremlin.