Yay. I bought a thing.

Newest non-Lexus Toyota I can remember owning was a 1995 Paseo (I think) so this is the future for me. A 2008 LE Previa 3.5 fwd. My new daily to replace my discusting Uplander. Double yay. I will sell my 02 GS430 to a family member, but now I’ll have so much room for activities.


So at first I tried to remember how many “red enough to be red” — red Toyotas I’ve ever owned..

Ended up with a list like, 84 pickup, 90 Camry, 89 Corolla, 88 Corolla GTS, and almost forgot a 93 Previa that all happened to be red. So it’s somewhat traditional I guess.

2GR will get oil hose updates to metal units, and I’ll undoubtedly find a few pounds of Lego and food in the back seats.

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