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My accident.

DO NOT SHARE THIS. It is unlisted and I’m only posting it here. I will check the analytics periodically and if I see traffic from anywhere other than Oppo, I will delete it.

And with that out of the way, here it is: The reason you should never, ever get too cocky with your driving. I know I was eating at the time, and I also know that I checked the radio to see what song was playing. I don’t remember which one of those distractions played into the accident, but I do know I had my eyes off the road at exactly the wrong time.

Feel free to skip to 0:28. I didn’t realize how much filler I had in there. You can see the truck ahead of me get on his brakes at about that time. That was one of the split seconds when I looked away. I glanced up again, but since his 3rd brake light was out, I didn’t register that he was stopping and I looked back down at my burger or the radio or whatever. The next time I glanced up, it was too late.


Interestingly, the driver of the truck as well as the passengers in the white sedan agreed that the tow truck on the shoulder caused the sudden slowdown, but.... That’s evidently not at all the case. They got me out of a ticket at least, but that begs the question of why the hell everyone stopped on the on-ramp, anyway. I guess it doesn’t matter because it IS my fault no matter how you spin it, but still.

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