This week at work has been hellish for me. Lots of stuff that's not worth mentioning. But I managed to double book myself this morning with both a meeting at a client's office, and a call with someone from corporate. I forgot to put the client visit on my calendar because it had been rescheduled a couple times.

This morning, I realized the client visit wasn't on my calendar, so on my way to the client I called my office, told the admin about the client visit, and asked her to send an email around that I would be visiting this client, in case anyone needs me.

I didn't remember that I had double booked the call from corporate, until I was driving from the client back to my office. First thing I did when I got in was to ask the admin if the person from HQ called.

"Yes, she did, I told her you were out and you wouldn't be back until 11 or 11:30."

"Did you tell her I was at a client meeting?"

"No, I just said you were out."

This admin...let's just say she's a bit of a dim bulb.

Yes, this is partly my fault with not getting my calendar squared away. But I mean come on, I called in at 9:30 about the client visit, and the HQ lady called looking for me at 10.


Is it too much to ask of this admin to have her share the information I JUST GAVE HER 30 MINUTES AGO, with a person WITHIN THE COMPANY who is looking for me?