Should Fiat ever decide to sell the Panda over here in the states, my idea for the ad campaign is as follows:

Commercial 1

Play this song as the only audio:

Deerhoof- "Panda Panda Panda"

Film in black and white.

Show various fast cuts of Pandas driving through random, generic U.S. cities, picking up people, items, groceries, and quickly driving through traffic quickly.

At the very end have words come up on the screen that say, "Coming soon from the makers of the Fiat 500..."

Commercial 2

A Panda pulls up outside of a bank.

Cut in on four people(2 Females and 2 Guys) wearing old-timey cat bugler costumes sitting inside the Panda.


All four people turn to each-other and nod.

They then bust out of the Panda and rush into a bank while holding brightly colored Super-Soakers or similar squirt guns.


This song is playing as the only audio:

Deerhoof- "I Did Crimes for You"

Everyone inside of the bank is wearing swim suits and bikinis.

The "robbers" aim their guns at everyone and motion for the tellers for money which is chocolate coins.


Cops then show up with their own squirt guns.

A water fight then happens.

The robbers run outside to their Panda, hop inside and speed off.

Cut to them inside, dripping wet and laughing.

Text comes up on the screen, "The all new Fiat Panda, the world should be more fun. Starting at $XX,XXX.XX"