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My Alfa had a big day today

And I’d just washed it!

Yesterday on a drive I hit a HUGE dip in the road (what what his name har har) and then started to overheat. I figured I’d ruptured a line or something, as this car has been surprisingly reliable, but not so. Pop the hood and the overflow is spraying fluid like a scene from a movie. I didn’t think that happened IRL, but here we are. I limp home, eyes on the temp gauge as it creeps up to but never into the danger zone.


Turns out either I had a bunch of air in the system from an unknown source and the bump was a red herring or the bump knocked an air bubble loose. Something like that anyway.

Either way, in the process of bleeding the system I ruptured a hose. While I was replacing that, I figured I would add a bleeder port, as the one that normally would be on the throttle body has been bypassed. The bleeder worked great and the system finally seems to have expelled all the bubbles.

Quick fix and he is back on the road! I’d still like to figure out where the hell all that air came from. but that is a quest for another day.

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