About two weeks ago I was driving the Amanti and couldn’t figure out what was so different about it compared to the WK2 or XF (other than the obvious). Then it hit me, there were no rattles or squeaks in the interior. Whether traveling at 90 mph, going over broken pavement, full powered audio system, or variations in temperatures, there are absolutely zero interior bits that make a sound. This an eleven year old Kia with just over 100k miles on 35-series tires!

I’m not exaggerating. I checked, poked, and pushed on the dash, console, armrests, switches, and even found the cabin’s resonating frequency...not even the rear view mirror makes a noise when vibrated. This car keeps winning me over! I would still NEVER recommend it though.

Damn my Amanti is a badass!

Side note: Still zero issues with the Jeep, Jag, Amanti, or Camry. The WK2 is about to rollover 70,00 miles...I got it August 27, 2015 with 31,619 miles on it. Zero issues! I’m a carbuying champ! I think it’s because none of these vehicles are Jalop or Oppo.