My ambitions have failed me

Well, I got an amazing settlement and almost got sanctioned by the judge to do it. It is thin as tissue paper, because some scrutiny will be applied to certain representations made by my client. I hope for his sake he was telling the court the truth.

Anyway, that issue is a problem for another day and I can go on vacation in peace. I was planning to go for a ride this morning but I have been lazy and am going to wash one or two of my cars before it gets hot instead. I want to wash and cover the GTI and Sunchaser before we leave for 10 days. I have a house sitter so you can’t come steal my cars.


We are road tripping through Oregon to take Gramps home to Washington, and with 5 people plus Toby I rented a big ass SUV. Infiniti QX80. Yes, Oppo, there will be reviews.

Warning to PNW Oppos- Toby is going to pee on your state.

After this trip, my kid and I fly to beautiful Denton, TX for parent and student orientation and UNT, at which time much UNT gear will be purchased.

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