And I have a headache from all the screaming.

I’m still surprised at how I finally again have a car with less than 100k on it. Its been a long while. Took this pic because I got home and the trip odo was on 222.2

Anyways. My ass.

I rode in a school bus for the first time in..... 20 years? My youngest had a field trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum. The one with the wings that was in that third Transformers movie. Yeah, that place.


I only took one picture as we were waiting to board the bus for the ride back to school. All that bouncing on thinly padded hard vinyl made my cheeks sore. And the loud 2nd grade kids made my brain hurt.


But at least from high up I got to see people texting, driving normally, and eating pizza while driving. Yup. Lady in the Accord had a BIG OL SLICE of pizza in her right hand, half eaten. Would have snapped a pic, but surrounded by kids, teachers, and other chaperons I didn’t want to be “that guy”.

Coming into work at noon was nice, especially since its our “late” day, and we’re open until 7pm. Feels like its half over already. ‘Cause it is. Yay.