These are the journeys I took today in the world of automobiles.

So my grandparents got a new 2013 Equinox LTZ with 1100 miles on it. Today we changed its oil for the first time. So we went to get oil, 5W-30 Mobil 1, and an oil filter. It needs a PF63 oil filter from AC Delco. The two places we went didn't have this filter. My grandfather has two in the mail but he doesn't like to change the oil with out also changing the filter. So we got a Perculator filter for the time being until the next oil change. He also had bought a valve for the oil pan to replace the stopper. Well because of new GM's brilliance they made the exhaust pipe go right next to where the oil pours out so this valve didn't fit. Another great design by GM makes it so you have to take off the plastic engine cover to check and put in power steering fluid. And the fenders go away too soon making the mud flaps he installed basically useless.

Afterwards I got another 45 minutes of driving in my moms car so I can get closer to my 50 hours for my licence. I made my first highway pass today! Impreza's are nice and balanced cars. Steering feels amazing and it turns well and stops really good too.