Frst car circa... 200...4. 1996 Pontiac Grand Am SE. It was white. Many fond memories of that car. It started my automotive journey. Died in a flying dorito crub smash in 200...6.

Then I got deployed and didn’t need a car for a while.

Second: 2000 A4, purchased in 2008. Met lots of friends with this, and had great times. Died in a flood in 201..2. This after many years of tolerating my abuse, and most of the electronics committing suicide. I mean FFS the ECU bricked itself (before the flood). This started my dislike of German cars, as good as this was to me.

Next, from 2012 to...2012, I had a 2001 Nissan Maxima SE. It liked to eat starters but was otherwise a good car. 5 speed stick. Only silver car (and only not red or white) I’ve owned.

That was traded in on this:


Best car I ever owned. That car is a love story best explained in it’s own post. It died on the racetrack after a 90mph sideways and backwards meeting with a wall. I regret it every day. Owned 2012 to 2016.

20..13?-present: 1995...or 6 probe gt. Winter beater and general hooncar. I bought it while waiting for a clutch on the legacy. I still have it, but it needs a water pump and has been sitting in my driveway for two years. I’ll probably fix it when I get home from this deployment.


2015-present: 1987 Supra turbo. I love this car. It is mine and I will not get rid of it. Work in progress. Drove it to Vegas and back a couple years ago.

2016 to 2017: another LGT. God hates me so he took it from me. Hail storm, totalled, owed more than they valued it at. Bank took it.


I still want another wagon.

2017-present: 2012 Civic SI. great daily. All stock except for wheels (until I get home).


Wife’s cars not included. Since I’ve known her she had an Alero, then a Lucerne, then a Rainier, now a CR-V.

 Thanks for reading.