Click baitpic above - 2017 Lambo Huracan from 2 years ago at Pebble Beach - My impossible dream. The ones below I do have owned

Those oppos who have seen my stuff can find other posts on these cars in my name - Check them out!

I’ll try to add pics if I have them:

College in the South(Early 90's, Totally Radwood time to be alive):

1983 Fifth Avenue for 2 years (I was a young Pimp Baybeee!, or a retired cop like Mike from Braking Bad)


1984 Renault Alliance for 8 months (I was young and very stupid but this car was the worst ever in my life. Seriously bad. Utterly unfixable. Traumatized me forever)

1983 Mustang Fastback 4-cyl- 2 years and lame auto tranny, but the Renault would only drive for 5 miles before overheating. This was at a BHPH place close to my college. No regrets

1994 Mitsubishi Mirage S - my first almost new car, it was 2 years old when bought (Turned me into a Mitsu/DSMhead forever) Mine was like below but Red. I felt like a grown up finally when I bought this thing.


College Graduation Gift:

Panama Green 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL - 5 speed

I was young and stupid and had met the demon of easy car credit for grads. I went and got a much coveted fully equipped like a VR4. Stayed with me for 15th years, through 3 states. Thick and Thin. I resisted selling it during Cash and Clunkers even though they were trading $3500 for them. Could not have it killed. Sold it at 168K Miles - Still running awesome. This is where the love affair with 3000GTs gets started


Life in the city (D.C.)

2002 Honda Accord 4cyl auto - 1st brand new car I bought. Fine car, Clean Accord style. Ran like clockwork.


Moved to California:

2004 Gray Honda Element - Bought it the 1st week they came out for like $2500 under sticker. 1st time I used the internet (emails) to buy a new car, It worked. I did get a good discount vs. other 2 dealers

2004 Volkswagen Phaeton V8 - The sublime car. Black. Eventually lowered just a bit and the correct Bentley wheels made it a looker - 5 years with me. Had stage 1 ECU tune to 340HP Had to sell it at 160K miles because I was in between jobs and the car needed some heavy upcoming care. Still was running healthy when sold it. After all this time, I miss it a lot.


2009 Nissan Sentra - The meltdown + The bad credit years. The Phaeton was overheating. Funds were low. Gas was hitting $4.50/gallon and Boss at the time had to have me at the office with a 50 mile commute. So armed with $1,000 and all the bad credit in the world, I argued so hard for the 2nd shittiest car I’ve ever had. But I needed one like this for the long commuting I did for a while.

2002 BMW 330Ci- 5 speed - Had it for 3 years. a revelation to have a great BMW as a first one. This was one of the best cars I’ve driven. Had to sell when funds for a home purchase abroad were needed. Regrettable decision


2005 Volkswagen Phaeton V8 - White -Yes, one you go Phaeton, its hard to go back. I found a clean, buttery nice White one, with the actual working cell phone setup! I had to have it back. Still have it. Bought it at 95K miles and now it has 130K miles. Always near a $3,000 repair but you heathens know nothing of how this car drives so frickin’ awesome.


Hit the Big Time and Losing it all:

1996 3000GT Spyder VR4, Red: Finally, after years of tolling in many places, the startup I was at got acquired. I put 15% of what I got as my fun money and Bought a painstakingly maintained Spyder VR4 with 164K miles. No regrets. But I only had it for 15 months and barely drove it. I wanted one since it had come out. I swore I would get one and I did! Score! I did some mild upgrades on it and refreshed all the replaceable parts. That year however, after the acquisition, my job was cut. A year and months into unemployment and a baby in the way ended with the car sold in ebay. I also tried Bring a Trailer but back then, people flaked a lot. I lost $3K selling it but spent a summer getting it back into glorious shape.


Driving for Uber:

2013 Ford C-Max Energi - In that year of unemployment, I had to buy a dedicated car to do Uber. The one I was using (my wife’s Kizashi SLS 4WD) was a thirsty 4-cyl with low MPGs. Found the C-Max and in a year I put 50K miles driving all around the Bay Area. Not bad. Good city MPGs and tons of charging plugs. Seats were survivable during 14 hour shifts. Downside was the tiny trunk but helped me avoid passengers with tons of luggage.


Back on track:

1995 3000GT Spyder VR4, Black, stock with 64K miles - Need I say more, when I found this one on ebay, being sold 3 hours away I drove to check it out and once I drove it, I had to have it. Has been to 2 #Radwoods already. Yes, this is the 2nd car I bought twice. I am crazy like that.


Future cars: The Saab 9-5 is intriguing to me, but thinking maybe I really should cash some chips for either an M2 manual, an Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio, or maybe the last of the CT6-Vs with the V8. Maybe? Not another Phaeton but I’m always tempted by the right W12. LOL!