Today in autoshop, my classmate started talking about how he was going to sell his 2005 Malibu to fund a new purchase. I asked him what he was gonna buy and he saida '65 Thunderbird. Some background on this guy: he's a friendly enough guy, but he's kind of a douche sometimes about stuff. His Malibu was driven from Utah to Seattle and has steelies (usually cool, but on a white Malibu, not-so-cool). He spent the first couple of lab weeks we had trying to hook up some aftermarket lights. They were smoked and had fake HID/LED rings that I think were somehow just regular bulbs. I tried to help him, but he didn't know what a hot or ground was, and he didn't realize that hooking his light bars straight to his battery was a poor decision. He has proved his worth while we've worked on cars, I guess. Like he helped me get the rear suspension off of our teacher's Nova

But I digress. He says he wants to buy this hunk of junk which would be a terrible first or second car, especially if you have to drive to school every single day. He told me that it runs great, but from the looks of this ad and the description given, I can't help but imagine that it runs very very poorly. I told him he should buy a Miata if he's gonna swap out his car for insurance and running costs and he told me that Miatas are for girls. Oh, he's an aspiring stance nation guy, by the way. I asked him why he thought that this would be a good buy, and he said, "Because I need a constant source of projects for my hands to do." I can understand this, but we're in Autotech 1, and while I have another year of high school to take 2 and 3 (in the third one we build an engine and put it in an old muscle car, and one class entered the northwest stock car league and won everything one year because fuck yeah, high school kids are smarter and better at driving than adults), he is a senior and doesn't really know what he's doing. What do y'all think, Oppo? I think that this would be an awesome project car if you A) know what you're doing, B) have a DD already, C) have a steady cash flow, and D) are not a tool. He wants to"just clear coat it, man! Patina." I don't think he understands rust...

Also, does anyone know about the Thunderbird Special Landau and how rare it actually is?

Edit: He also did an oil change without asking our teacher if he could and without jack stands or a lift... Our teacher yelled at him and then told him that if the car fell on him, he'd laugh and then get some old rags to clean up the mess... I like our teacher.