Seriously, dude, you are all kinds of awesome.…

This is honestly one of the best reasoned debates with another commenter I've had on Jalopnik for a long, long time and I've appreciated every moment of it. I don't agree with your argument per se, but I great admire the thought that you put into structuring, communicating, and justifying your argument. You've done such an extraordinary job of it that you've reached the ideal endgame for a debate of this nature - a complete and utter stalemate in which the viewpoints have been communicated for the audience to consider and draw their own conclusions from.

Well done, sir, and my gratitude for the mental exercise.

If anyone else wants a whiff of what Jalopnik used be like years ago, or wants a shining example of how to debate, then look no further than Crown Victor Victoria.


You win the Awesomesauce Commenter of the Day award from me.