I’m in a back brace 24/7, I’m taking Tylenol every 4 hours when I’m working and Vicoden when I’m not, I walk like an 80 year old penguin pregnant with twins and worst of all; I’m driving the Odyssey instead of my Ranger because driving stick hurts my back. It’s probably a good thing though, because I’m due for an oil change within the next gas fill up and I’m 90% sure my front brakes are dragging due to sticking slide pins. So driving something else is probably good until I can change my oil and install the brake pads and brake hardware kit I have sitting in the passenger footwell.

Also the Van is so much better to get in and out of. My brother took me shopping in his Outback today and I had so much trouble getting in and out of it, he had to buckle my seat belt for me. I can't drive anything low right now. I see why old people drive Scion XBs now