So OLDESTYOUNGN inspired me to tell my story about recently being pulled over. This happened on Valentines day. We had just left the restaurant where I had dinner with my wife, sister-in-law, and my guy friend who thinks he can date a lesbian and somehow have her change teams again. We were heading to a comedy show and I decided to down shift and give it some gas. I got up to 58 (according to the cop) on a 40 mph road. I did't realize that its not 45 until about 10' up the road from where I got pulled over. (58 in a 45 doesn't sound as bad as 58 in a 40) I figured I'd coast up the hill and burn off the extra speed. Well as I hit the bottom of the hill a cop came over the top. ans instantly hit his lights. This is my second time getting pulled over in 10 years or so. (the first was in a stuck up town and the cop thought i should have stopped for someone who was still 20+ feet away from a crosswalk, no ticket) This was going to suck. The cop came over and was not happy. It took me a second to figure out how to get the window down since I had never had to before which I'm guessing only added to his displeasure. While he ran my info a second cop showed up. The cop returns and says have you been drinking, I can smell alcohol on your breath would you mind stepping out of the vehicle. Well fuck, its over now. I'm the only one in the car that can drive a stick. All I can think of is that I'm gong to jail and my cars going to be impounded.

The first question was how much have I had to drink. I had only had 2 beers. I explained to him that I had just finished my beer and left the restaurant about 2 miles up the street and that I am being very cautious of my alcohol consumption with the new car. The second question was how far had I gone in school. I'm not sure why this matters but I said I got my masters and just completed my first exam for my professional license. He then asked me to say the alphabet without singing. I was flawless until I got to the end and said q r s t u v wrx O shit. The cop could probably see I was nervous as shit and let that pass. I then had to count backwards from 97 to 82. Passed.

His final comment was to stop showing off the new car and calm down. I got written warning and was told to enjoy the rest of my night safely. Everyone got home safe. The only person who really lost out was my buddy who paid for his 'dates' dinner and didn't even get a smooch at the end. I learned to watch my self especially with the extra power in the new car. Just let me repeat before anyone goes on a rant about drunk driving, I was most certainly not drunk. 2 beers over the course of two hours I would imagine is an acceptable especially with the 1 pound burger I had for dinner.