I actually am a shop teacher. For the last several years I've taught wood working, sheet metal working, and CAD. I work at a pretty good district, one that adequately funds my program. As such, I have three band saws in my shop, including one brand new one. To make this vaguely car related, here's a picture of a cab over van that is MUCH cooler than the one that actually delivered the new band saw last week.

The first one is a really old, really nice Delta-Rockwell. I've never been able to use it, because when I started working at this school, it would vibrate like crazy when it was switched on. Everybody I consulted with thought it needed new tires on the saw blade wheels.

It wasn't a priority though, because I had a much newer, although much crappier, Delta band saw that worked just fine. Until a few weeks ago, when it decided it had enough of being a band saw, it wanted to be recycled into a Hyundai or something. It started spitting blades off instantly, no matter what I did.

No matter, because I had just ordered a NEW band saw. A beautiful, fully optioned Powermatic, that would be here any day. Of course, a couple of days turned into a couple weeks, but I finally got it last week. I carefully unpacked everything, and inventoried all the parts. Oh how I love new tool day! Then I noticed the motor plate was seriously tweaked.


I consulted the manual, hoping, "Maybe it's supposed to be that way?" No, of course not. A quick call to Powermatic, and a replacement is on the way, but now here it sits :|

Then I got thinking, maybe I can use some parts from the new, crappy Delta, to fix the nice old Delta-Rockwell. They are the same size after all. When I finally started digging into the old one, I was taken by just how badly it vibrates. It still did it without any blade on, so I just couldn't see how bad tires could be the cause. The bearings all rolled nice and smoothly, and didn't have any slop on them. Out of sheer desperation to figure out WTF was going on, I finally took the drive belt off. All of the sudden, it all made sense.


At some point in this tools life, it must have made one helacious noise, as huge chunks of the motor's drive pulley went flying off. How that went unnoticed by the person I replaced, I'll never understand.

I hope I don't come off here as whiny. I'm just sick of working on band saws. Hopefully, before too long, I'll have TWO working saws, instead of zero.