It was near Chicago @ Q101 Jamboree ‘98. Scott was there as a solo act after STP booted him the first time for drug issues.

Me and my lady friend were some of the last people to leave the venue. It was dark, and my car was parked in the poorly lit gravel lot in what was at the time called The World Amphitheater in Tinley Park. As I’m about to unlock the door to my gold 1984 Pontiac 6000, we started hearing shouting and high-pitched screaming in the distance and saw a big cloud where the shouting was coming from. As it got closer we saw it was Scott Weiland in a golf cart with about 15 - 20 girls chasing him. As he was driving he was turned almost fully around trying to keep the girls from jumping on the golf cart, telling them, “Stay back, stay back!” In doing so, he almost ran into the driver’s side of my car. He avoided it at the last second and just kept driving as if this was normal - the girls still screaming and chasing him as they all passed by my car in that nearly-empty gravel lot. My friend and I just kinda stared at them as they drove off into the distance and didn’t know what to say after that.

That was the most memorable end to any concert I had ever attended.