So I've tried twice now to play Forza Horizon with the Oppo community. Both times were fun. For about twenty minutes.

And it's not the fault of the people I was playing with, oh no, but the game itself. It's a fine game from a technical standpoint. Nothing is broken, graphics are pretty, cars look great. The driving physics aren't wonderful with most cars being able to oversteer easily, but hey it's not a simulation. Plus it has a big open world based on actual locations in Colorado just stitched together.

I could forgive the loose controls if the open world weren't so boring. It's lifeless. For a big "music and car festival" the only lively part of the world is the very center of it. The lack of car choice is disappointing as well which wouldn't be a big deal if they had kept releasing DLC cars but it seemed like after a couple of months, the developers were just done with the game. They put out the rally DLC and the 1000 club, a couple of cars packs and called it a day. The rally expansion is probably the only real fun I've had when playing Horizon.

It's a shame because this game could've been great. It sold well enough but it feels like a game that was rushed out which, knowing Microsoft, it probably was.