The hydraulic clutch module is on the fritz, BMW classes this as a consumable item, so not covered by his extended warranty. £1900 to fix (including a 25% contribution from BMW).

So he does what any sane person would do, lets his BMW salesman take it off his hands as is, gives them £1500, continues with the same payments and gets this -

Illustration for article titled My best mates 2013 M135i is poorly sick, intermittent drivetrain failure warnings

A 6 month old 535d M-Sport instead!

TBH he had been looking at these already with a view of changing anyway and what he saves on fuel, road tax and insurance w to will pay for the deposit pretty quickly.


He’s always liked this shape of 5 since it came out and he says he’s never been old or fat enough own one before, well he is now!!

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