So I am in Annapolis, not a huge city by any means, but we got nailed by Storm Juno this past weekend startng on Friday. It snowed and snowed...I am from Wisconsin, so this is fantastic for me! I was eager to get in the snow and play, but I came down with a terrible cough which limited me to being home. I made the best of it with hot cocco and rum.

So it snows all Friday and most of Saturday. Saturday morning the whole city was covered in a beautiful white powder. The roads were completely covered and the city declared Level 3 for the roads, so only emergency vehicles were allowed on them till it was properly cleared.

About 730pm on Saturday night the first plow appears on my street. I can tell because there is a smashing sound, tires eagerly looking for traction followed by the distinct sound of someone backing up. I look out my window....

In typical Maryland fashion (I am not a fan of Maryland), the snow plow is at the bottom of the hill in his F150. He is attempting to push snow UP the gradual hill that is my street and having unforeseen difficulties. He will push for a bit, lose traction, back up, slam on the gas and ram into the pile. He did this for about an hour and a half and cleared a minor portion of the road.


After an hour and half, he hopped outta the truck with a shovel, cleared up some of the pile he made and left the way he came. My road wasn’t properly cleared till around Sunday afternoon!

I couldn’t stop laughing. Maryland is a southern state...they want to be a northern state, but they aren’t smart enough for it.


I also found out later my co-worker had the same issue with the snow plow in his neighborhood. He didn’t get clear till Monday afternoon.