Tomorrow this guy is turning 30. I was pretty bummed out about it last week I've always hated birthdays but it turned it self around pretty quick.

Yesterday was a holiday for us in Alberta and I had a bunch of holiday time built up so I decided to give myself a long week end so I booked today and tomorrow off as well.

On Friday the folks at work somehow figured out it was my birthday and that I booked it off so they got me a cake on Friday.

Yesterday since my wife and I were both off we went out for the day. She bought me a set of SAE wrenches I needed since they were on sale for $35 bucks.


Then after that she took me out to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.

Once we got home she also told me that she ordered me a book off Amazon but it did not show up in time. (it might show up by Friday)


Last night around 9:30 my buddy who I haven't spoken to in a few months(not because we're fighting we are just both busy) text me and is like "Hey what are you up to Wednesday night? I scored 2 tickets to the Oilers vs Bruins and I want to know if you want to come?" He is a huge Bruins fan his cousin is Ray Bourque that used to play for the Bruins. So of course I said yes.


All this and on Top of that we found out my wife was pregnant 2 weeks ago is making this 30th birthday pretty EPIC!