We have been shoveled a ton of shit from Toyota saying that the only thing BMW did was provide them a powertrain and agreed on common points for the platform. BULL SHIT.

Based on my understanding of vehicle development, and everything we’ve learned about the Z4 coupe, here’s my hypothesis.

All Toyota did was the styling and final vehicle dynamics testing. BMW handled 90% of the rest. They developed the platform, developed the powertrain, the INTERIOR, and everything else.

When they got to the final stages where they fined tuned the suspension and other dynamics (braking, NVH, etc), Toyota joined in.

My evidence:


The Coupe doesn’t have strut tower braces, the roadster does.

The only reason for that is vehicle dynamics. By removing the braces they introduce a minute amount of flex into the chassis which can translate into a softer ride.

And I would bet a lot of money that the brake pads are different on the coupe vs the roadster.


Thoughts?My BMW Z4 Roadster and Coupe Hypothesis