Shitty weird wiring aside, I finished removing the upper cabinet last night to make room for the refrigerator being delivered today.

Not quite sure yet if it’ll just need shimming/repositioning or some trimming to get it back into place.... as it was, the fridge dimensions are about 1/2 inch taller than the bottom of the cabinet that was there. MAYBE the fridge can be lowered enough if the legs/wheels are adjustable, but since I wasn’t the one home when it was to arrive there I didn’t want to take the chance of it not fitting. So here the cabinet sits until I get home tonight:


And ze new fridgemator (photo credit My Wife Whom Is At Home):

It looks quite tall.


I also fixed a toilet last night, that’s always fun!

Old and leaky:


New dryness:


Forgive my hack job of the overflow tube, it’s height was not within code, so when I discovered the LAKE OF WATER on my bathroom floor it was because instead of going down the tube, the ever-leaking old fill valve kept filling the tank until it leaked out the handle hole. Fun stuff. Now if the new fill valve leaks the water reaches the top of the drain tube first and drains into the bowl instead of out the handle hole onto my floor. I also replaced the flapper because it would not stay afloat, and the handle had to be held down to flush it.

I’m now getting a leak into the bowl from somewhere, either a tank seal or the bottom of the drain tube... I heard the fill valve run and once I turned off the water, the bowl went empty after 30 minutes or so. Dammit. More diagnosis is needed....


I swear I’ll post some Trans Am project stuff in the near future instead of boring home posts. This is just all I have going on right now as it takes precedence over the TA.

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