Mrs. Something-Clever-Here, President has decreed that I shall be given a new motorcycle helmet for my birthday. I can finally stop wearing my AGV Horizon. Pro-tip, don’t buy that helmet.

I am debating between a Scorpion Exo-R2000, a version of it is supposedly worn in MotoGP, and a Shoei RF-1200.

I’ve had a Scorpion before, and actually went down in it at the salt flats. It held up well and was dirt cheap. It fit well and I still use it occasionally when riding two up. yes, I know this is a terrible idea but two up happens so seldom, I can’t justify a new second helmet for that purpose alone. It may not be perfect but it still beats riding without a lid.

I have no experience with Shoei but everyone raves about them and Sean (of former Lanesplitter glory) recommends it.


Is the Shoei worth the price bump (~200)?

I ride in traffic(unfortunately) mostly followed by canyons with a couple track days sprinkled in during the course of a year. I ride a Daytona 675, so performance in the 3/4 and tuck positions is preferred over upright riding.

I haven’t tried either one on yet. Fit will take precedent over everything else. I’m open to other suggestions but they must be Snell 2010 or 2015. I want to spend no more than ~450 after tax, I’m already stretching the budget for the Shoei.