My wife’s sister and her husband came for a pre-July 4 visit yesterday. He’s a flight attendant, and they had been in the market for a cheap commuter car for his 60 mile round trip from Burlington, WI to the Milwaukee airport. They showed up in this.

I was genuinely curious as to how someone could end up deciding to pay money for an HHR panel van, when they are not a plumber, florist, or some other profession associated with panel vans, so I asked, nicely, how they chose it.

My sister-in-law has a new-ish Honda CR-V but my brother-in-law had been commuting in an early 90s Buick Regal coupe. They finally decided to replace the Regal when the a/c stopped working. They were looking at cheap and fuel-efficient used cars at the few dealers around Burlington (population: 10,541) and this HHR was the lowest mileage car in their price range, with only 27k on the clock. My sister-in-law remarked that she actually kinda liked driving it. So my brother-in-law figured “hey, it’s the lowest miles in our price range and by wife is willing to drive it, I’m buying it.” And he did.

If you were curious what’s on the other side of the HHR panel van’s not-windows, it looks like this on the inside:


I made sure to take off the dealer tag frame before they left. Because we all know dealer tag frames are evil.