Because he just fronted the $$ for his 19 year old daughter to buy a 2001 CLK 430 cabrio. The details: $3500, 21k miles in exc condition, bought from her boyfriend’s grandma. It was grandpa’s toy, and after he passed last year the car just sat. The car does have an AZ salvage title after boyfriend’s mom went offroading in it up on a median, doing unknown damage to the underbody. Car was totaled by the ins co, but grandpa loved the thing so he got it fixed.

Now my bro is not the most car-savvy individual out there, and was impressed at the chance to get into an MB for short money I think. But as I explained to him last night, the buy-in price may be cheap (salvage title def helped here) and it may be in exc condition with uber low miles, but there's always the chance that the first trip to a dealer for a CEL will result in an outlay of cubic dollars for a fix. My niece is a smart kid, and doing very well as a college sophomore, but this is the wrong car for her, not that she even needed one afaik. The silver lining is if they do need to unload it, they can probably get their money back. I hope.

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