He just picked up a non turbo 740 sedan for 600 bucks, and got it inspected and registered today. He lives in Maine where they check for rust, and make sure your brakes, and lights work, and you exhaust system is intact,... And I think that’s it. But yeah he picked up a car for 600 bucks and it passed inspection and he’s going to make it more awesome. He’s a handyman/landscaper/stay at home Dad. So a small versatile, and most of all cheap truck is a good fit for him. Also he’s a major Volvo nut. So yeah he could just rock an old S-10,and he has, he’s on his thrid S-10 right now, but he loves Volvo(well old Volvos anyway) so he wants a Volvo truck. I have to say right now I’m a bit jealous. Hopefully we’ll get to work on it together when I go visit him in August.

We’ve been taking on Facebook messanger for the last half hour about how he’s going to do it. This is just a pic for some one else’s Volvo he’s using as inspiration.I kind like the idea of leaving the C pillars and doors.