My brother needs a truck, can I get some advice?

Hey Oppo, I would like to get some collective wisdom from you all. My brother is self employed (owns a small internet business selling wooden toys), he is in the market for a vehicle to replace his aging, problematic 2003 S-10. There are a few requirements; The bed must be wide enough to lay a 4 x 8 plywood sheet flat (can be a short bed, just not Chevy Avalanche short), must be 4x4, he would prefer a diesel, and a manual transmission. Basically it will serve a shop vehicle; running packages to the post office, driving to town 35 miles away, occasionally, for supplies; and picking up lumber from his supplier. Towing is not a necessity, instead better fuel economy would be nice.

My question is this, do any of you have experience with vehicles matching the above requirements which were exceptionally reliable, and low maintenace. We like the pre 1994 Dodges (my dad has one), we are also looking at the Chevy Colorado. Not sure about Tacomas but I know that the ones which have had the frame recall completed command a premium.

Also no Dodges post-1993, too many horror stories from everyone ive ever known who has had one.


Some Power Wagons for your time :)

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