My buddy bought a Unicorn named Cosworth

With all this FP talk about the new Focus RS it reminded me about something that happened a couple weeks ago.

My good friend Chris suddenly posted a few of his cars for sale a few months back saying "there's an opportunity I can't pass up". This piqued the interest of all of us his fellow gearheads, what would cause Chris to sell of two 914's, his beloved E34 M5, and his SVT Cobra Mustang?

Well, he let the cat out the bag two weeks ago: Escort Cosworth RS.

I correctly guessed it knowing his love for rare Ford's, but made me swear to silence since he really wanted to surprise the rest of us. It's one of the 18 imported by Sun International in the 90's. It's a later T25 car instead of the crazy early T34 cars, but it makes it more usable than the "Big Turbo" T34's.


He's got some big plans for it, so if you see a Cossie bombing around the Mount Vernon to Anacortes area, wave, you'll probably just be a blur but he'll appreciate it.

Either way, on to the pics, it's freaking rad. I love those wheels.



Once he got it he put the mid-wing on it that the previous owner had, now it looks like a proper Cossie.


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