I have never considered the A3 as being something I would own. Mainly, because I'm not a big fan of wagons (or hatchbacks?). But after driving Mike's newly purchased A3, I walked away very impressed.

First off - who doesn't like a nice interior? You can't deny that Audi makes some of the best, highest quality interiors. This one was a 2011 with 40K miles and really there were no rattles to speak off. Everything felt solid.

The seating position was excellent. I was expecting to be higher up - maybe like how it might feel in an SUV or a van. But not at all! The Alcantara seats were super comfortable and you might get fooled into thinking this could be a sports car.


There's another reason you might think that this particular A3 is a sports car. You see, this isn't just an ordinary A3. It has an APR turbo kit and intercooler - basically the same things you would find in a Golf R.

Also, my buddy has a mid-pipe and down-pipe waiting to be installed. He told me that with an upgraded tune in addition to the freed up exhaust, he will have around 400 hp!! An A3 with that much power??? Now that's something to look forward to.

But I must say, that even without the exhaust, this car was still pretty quick. With the existing upgraded turbo and tune, it was producing about 250-300 hp. I could really feel it in the 3k-5k rpm range.


The previous owner upgraded the pedals which is a nice touch! You can tell he really was passionate about this A3. He took great care of this car - it was immaculate and all the mods were carefully thought out. Nothing excessive.

Also, he added coil overs. I thought lowering the car made the stance of the car really aggressive. It looked great and also handle turns well. It was pretty fun to drive this car - pulled hard thanks to the Quattro AWD.


I'm a big fan of AWD and this car proved it. Even with less power, AWD just helps you deliver the power to the ground that much better. There was very little turbo lag to speak of. All in all, the Audi A3 is a pretty nice car.

And guess how much my friend paid for this? $22K! Yep, that's it. He essentially got the previous owner's mods for free on this car. With almost 400 hp on this car soon and all the practicality in the world, I would say that this car is a great value.


It looks and feels brand new.

Overall, the Audi A3 is super practical, looks pretty good and is refined.

If you need a daily driver that would give you a reason to smile each time you drive it, this A3 with the APR turbo and intercooler will be sure to deliver. If you're in the market for a car, you should give this car a look.

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