Given the, uh, previous body condition and KBB values, I’m expecting the next vehicle much sooner than expected. A lot sooner. If the damage to value is right, I’ll have a check instead of a car. We’re targeting a move in two years to the next, better and last house. We need a truck, or at least the wife thinks I need a truck. I’d love a truck in addition to a car and her vehicle and another car and ... well that’s what we all come here to talk and dream about, isn’t it?

Budget: $21,000

Wife’s requirement: Truck and with 4wd ability.

My requirement: A truck that can replace my Mazda-3s hatch. (HA!) Aaaand 4wd ability is a nice thing for the mountains we live near and freak snows.

Uses: A homeowner with kids will alway use a truck every other month to move shit and things and stuff too. I need kid space. I need truck bed.

Driving habits: I need to get something approaching miles-per-gallon. Although I drive 10,000 miles a year, it could go up to nearly 12 or even dare I say (gasp!) 15,000 miles a year, when expected job changes happen within the next 6 months. So, mileage is a very nice thing to have overall, but i’m not bagging 25k miles a year.


Used is most likely the name of the game. My probability meter is pegging Tacoma so far but, well, let’s see what you all come up with? My first thought was about a Lexus SC300’s lacking a truck bed.

thanks for playing. Oh, if any of you work an auto showroom in Colorado, do drop a line here so I can swing by and see what you have to offer.