I was pulling out of the community center today (my sister had an art show there) and I never brought the Civic there before. It has a really steep driveway. As I was leaving, I went slowly down it and sure enough I scraped the crap out of it! I'm so upset.

The worst part, you can't see it unless you go under the car. No one knows it is there but me!

They are deep scratches. The noise it made dragging was so ugly. My face cringed and my sister mocked me. What I don't get is that my Civic is stock. How do people with even lower cars (Miatas, any sports car, anything lowered) manage? Also, why the hell is my Civic so low?


I wish Google Maps showed the topography better. Either way, I'm just upset now. This week just will not get better.

Am I crazy for being so bothered by this?