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My car broke [update]

[Update] I didn't even have to do the reprogramming trick on the window. After resting all afternoon while I was at work, it behaved properly again when I tried it this evening. Quirky. 

First the thermostat had to be replaced (under warranty) due to a coolant leak at the water pump. But now my 2016 VW GTI is ready for the scrap heap, because . . .


. . . today I figured out that one of my “auto” window switches is no longer “auto” up or down.

I can’t be expected to hold the switch when I want my front passenger window to go all the way down from the driver’s side, CAN I?


(Plus, no more free satellite radio. It just gets worse and worse.)

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Still not quite at 55,000 miles. Probably would do more damage replacing the switch than it is worth. I am surprised at how accustomed I have become to one touch down and up on all my windows.

In all seriousness, I’ll be fine. I just saw something that may allow a reset on the switch, also, since it still works, just not auto. Oppo seemed a bit slow this past hour, so thought I’d post.

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