My car got smacked up, what on earth do I do?

It’s a 2010 SHO, with 90,500 miles. They are wanting to total it after an adjuster came up with $6250 in repairs. Insurance is offering me $11.5k for it, the kicker is, they’ll let me keep it for $1447. So essentially I walk away with $10k and the car. What would you do oppo? So far I know it needs several supports, the crash bar, bumper/fender/hood and a headlight.


  • take all the money and run (go find myself a new car)
  • take the car to a mechanic and have him figure out if the damage is all/mostly cosmetic
  • ?

edit 9:45am: forgot to metnion the car still drives straight, no weird noises/clunks/rattles and has not leaked any fluids for a week now.


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