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My car got totaled, OPPO.

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Well, it hasn’t been mine for a while, but it was mine for 7 years and 90k miles before I sold it to a friend 5 years ago (before all the yellow). What a great little car... First car I ever took to the track, started my backroadtrip treks to NW Arkansas in this car, lots of memories with my wife & our dogs before kids, and I just flogged it every time I drove it. I really did love it; would have kept it if Mrs. addiction would’ve been okay with me pairing it with a little 2-seat sports car. Slow car fast is a real thing! 


My friend’s not hurt, but the airbag did deploy, unfortunately. Not sure exactly what happened, but guessing he was at fault since he didn’t say the other driver was. Looks like a panic braking situation on a curve on the highway in the wet. I was encouraging him to buy it back as salvage and I’d help him find a new hood and front clip, but the damn airbag... So, he’s in the market again, probably for a similar car (small manual wagon). He found an ‘08 Impreza for sale, and I sent him listings for an ‘11 Mazda 3s hatch and a ‘13 Fit. I’m guessing he’s looking to spend less than 10 grand. What else should he be looking at (or avoiding at all cost)? Thanks in advance for the input.

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