My car is driving fantastic right now...have a Maserati

I am so stoked. It's breathing like a car should now. I finally opened it up a little bit on the highway. I got onto the on ramp in second gear and next thing I knew my RPMs were up at 6 grand. For the first time since owning the car there was no drama shifting it up to 3rd. It didn't buck between gears. I never even realized I was that high in the RPMs. The engine didn't feel bogged and the sound coming out wasn't angry like usual. It was quiet and collected.

I wish I knew then what I know now. The good news is my car just put a big old, dumb smile on my face, just like it did the first time I ever felt it hit turbo.


I love this car more now than I did before and I didn't think it was possible. Now it drives like it should've to begin....before the previous owners neglected it.

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