I have to drive to SF this afternoon (180 miles). I will be in mediation there all day tomorrow, and then I will drive back home. Wednesday, I will wake up and drive to LA (220 miles) for an afternoon settlement conference in federal court. Then I will drive home.

Thursday, I recover. Friday morning, back to SF for a trade association “retreat” that runs through Saturday and will be boring as fuck and costs me too much money (I take mmy associates as a perk to them). Yes, I am cranky thinking about this schedule.

On the more interesting side, I get to meet Travis Allen, Republican candidate for governor, at my office this afternoon. I am likely to donate and vote for him.

California’s politics are a bit different. A woman’s right to choose and basic civil rights are not really in danger here. I think our Democratic party is corrupt and out of control, and has not delivered on its promises.


Despite decades of Democratic control, Californians pay among the highest taxes in the nation yet have the highest poverty rate, a horrific wealth gap, crumbling infrastructure, poorly ranked public schools, an affordable housing crisis, shitty roads, and violent and corrupt police departments. We also have a massive and ineffective state bureaucracy, and a looming pension crisis that could affect the national economy - when you all bail us out.

So it is time for a different way, especially for those of us in the rural center of the state that has been ignored by Sacramento for too long. I’d rather go third party, but I can’t have more of the same.


Sorry for the rant.