My little road warrior crossed 100,000 miles today! Here are some fun facts.

I bought the car new 3 years, 340 days ago (1,435 days total = 47.83 months). Converting that into miles, here are some fun stats:

Average yearly mileage: 25,445.3 miles.

Average daily mileage based on 100,000 miles: 69.7 miles.

Average monthly mileage based on 100,000 miles: 2,090.7 miles.


Miles over the past 12 months: 44,890.2 miles.

Average daily mileage past 12 months: 124.7 miles.

Average monthly mileage past 12 months: 3,740.9 miles.

Wow, dating Miss Tesla nearly doubled the mileage I put on my car over a yearly period. ♥

I kinda feel compelled to repair Tucker and race on to 200k.