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My car is so dirty, I don't think it will ever be clean again.

It's covered in snow, salt, slush, ice, and all other forms of winter car torture. The temperature outside won't get anywhere near freezing in the near future, so washing it would be a pain and pointless since all the roads will be wet again once everything melts. And, to add insult to injury, a flock of birds crapped on the back door and all down the side window. At least the coating of salt will protect the paint from the bird crap.

Oh, and I've been cruising around with my tires overinflated. I don't know how it happened, but three of them were all close to 40 PSI and I checked them all right around Thanksgiving to make sure they were at the right cold pressure. Then, the right rear was at about 29. The TPMS was all mad about it yesterday and beeping at me. No leaks, so I guess the only thing to blame is the below zero temps and the fact that the car had been driven about 7 miles when I chdcked them yesterday. But, I did re-check them this morning (after the car sat all night) and got them all to 32 PSI, which is the correct cold pressure the door jamb sticker states.


At least it photographs well.

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I can't wait for that first spring wash, clay-bar, and wax. Due for spark plugs this spring as well.

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