First, there was the upholstery of my driver’s seat peeling. Zero other Mazda6s, to my knowledge, have reported that issue. It was fixed under warranty, but I digress.

Now, these weird chrome trim pieces on the trunk are loose.

Has anyone here with a 2014+ 6 had trouble with or seen other’s have trouble these chrome pieces I’ve circled here? Both of mine are loose. The dealer ordered the passenger one under warranty, installed it, and it’s still loose. Like, it rattles if you shut the trunk and it’ll move outwards half an inch or so.

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Now, the driver’s side is loose as well, so they’re reordering the passenger side and ordering a driver’s side one too. They can’t figure out the issue and are having me bring the car back during the week so they can call Mazda’s technical/dealer support line on it. Sigh. It wouldn’t be such a pain in the ass if the dealer wasn’t 39 miles away.


So, I have to leave work at 4:30 and make it over there by 5:20 or so and get a rental car from them, take that home and leave my car there, and then come back and get my car when they finally get this issue solved.

I first discovered this when I was poking around back there because of the foggy taillight, which I have discovered (through scouring Mazda TSBs and emailing Mazda USA) is normal.


I love this car and these problems are admittedly minor and wouldn’t be noticed by normal owners. But, I am 100% not normal. So, there you have it.

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