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My car is too low

Although it doesnt really look it in this photo, I have found that with a bunch of tools in the trunk (or worse with my track tires on the top for transport) the rear end is super low for street driving. At first it was just the ocassional tall speed bump that was an issue but now I have discovered that poorly jointed freeways will get me as well. The former is not so scary, just annoying to scrape a car in a parking lot. The latter though is definitely scary since yesterday I hit a bump at about 75mph, shooting sparks out of the back of the car. This certainly can’t be good for my rear control arms or whatever is scraping at the rear. I will be putting the car up today to take a look as the scraping damage should be obvious. I can only guess that its a combination of factors causing the rear to hit the ground. The lowered height, softish springs (<500 lbs), and -2.8 deg of rear camber all factor in so that just the right bumps will result in scraping.


For now, I just need to stop driving around with crap in my trunk. That should help with the speed bumps at least. While inconvenient to always move my tools around when I know I am just going to be highway/daily driving stuff, it will definitely make a difference. And I will just deal with the shit when I take the car to the track fully loaded. Will have to just be careful on the highway and try to slow down for big bumps ahead. It doesnt throw off my handling or anything dangerous, I just don’t like shooting sparks at the cars behind me.

I don’t want to raise the car as it was properly corner balanced and doing so would mess that up. Sooo first world problems, my track car sucks on the street lol.

In other news, I bought a surf board and a wetsuit and a mount for my roof rack on the Subaru. Will also try transporting it with the miata for lulz at some point. Will get some better photos at some point. I think the rasta paint job on the board is pretty sweet and the board looks neat on the Subaru. Kinda like a giant roof spoiler of some sort. With only a couple of lessons, I totally suck at it but its still a fun workout paddling out and getting knocked over by waves. I will get it eventually!

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