It's 10pm and I've just left work. The air is cold with an impending snowstorm destined to hit New Jersey later that night. I pull out of the parking lot and onto a side street that intersects with a three lane highway that is normally so packed that you barely move. But right now, it's empty. I make a right onto the highway and hit the gas pedal, revving the little 1.8 to 4000 RPM, just inside the powerband. The cold air intake makes a nice noise as it sucks the freezing air into the engine. The speedo rises from 30-40-50-60 miles per hour as I move over to the left lane. Another intersection and I'm going a little bit faster than I should be when the light changes to yellow. Instinctively, I hit the brakes a bit hard as I know I won't make that light. Without much drama, my little Nissan comes to a halt. I'm sitting at this light, both hands on the leather wrapped steering wheel, right foot hovering over the gas. It changes, my foot drops. 5000 RPM, near redline. Loud noises rumble from the engine and the exhaust. I've gotten to 60 faster than this before, but I've never enjoyed it so much. Another intersection with a bright green light shining on the traffic signal. 70 miles per hour now but my exit is coming up. I stay steady on the throttle as I move back to the middle lane. Half mile till I have to get off but there's no desire to. I reluctantly let off the gas and move over to the right lane as the exit lane opens up. I get over one last time and let the little Cube coast as I go around the slight corner.

I've owned several cars before, faster and slower than this Cube but none of them have been nearly as much fun to drive, especially on empty highways at night. It's not fast and it's not the best handler and I'm sure that a manual would've made last nights drive ten times better, but damn it's still a fun car.

I want to retake this pic with my Cube in it's current state once spring starts.