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My car just confused the hell out of me.

Over the past couple days my car has been "acting up." I'll be driving with my seat belt on but then it starts to tell me that it's not on and will blink the seatbelt light AND the airbag light sparatically.

I called my VW dealer and they said to just bring it by and they would run a diagnosis on it for free since I am still under new car warranty.


As I started to make my way to the dealership, I got a text, reached over into my passenger seat and picked up my phone (I'm breaking the law I know) and answered the text but then I noticed the lights had gone off...... then I got to thinking..... I put my phone back in the seat and the lights came back on..... took it off and they went off. My car thinks the phone is a person or its somehow messing with the sensor. When the phone is in the seat the car doesn't activate the passeger airbag (airbag light does not change from "passenger off to passenger on." I still think the car believes someone is there but does not weigh enough to need the airbag, still doesnt explain the airbag light and the sparatic chimes.

I called VW back and explained the situation but they still want to look at it to be sure.

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