Yeah, how poetic: I almost died at the hands of the murdersofa.

Mobile posting is a pain.

there's my dashboard, taken at a red light. So many warnings. The Service Vehicle Soon light, not accompanied by any codes I can read, has been coming on for a few seconds at a time with increasing frequency. Today it came on four times during a 20 minute drive, and the second time it came on was while I was braking and it was accompanied by the steering wheel pulling hard left, then hard right (on flat ground), and the brakes became insanely hard to push. While braking from 60 surrounded by cars. I can't believe I didn't end up in the trunk of the Lincoln in the adjacent lane.

So... Wiring harness shorting out and causing these random-ass failures? I haven't got it to mess up that spectacularly the rest of the drive, so hopefully it wont happen again, but that was super sketchy.

or... Is that even possible for the power steering to yank the wheel? And could electrical problems disable the brake booster? I thought that used a vacuum to operate, not electrics?