My Car, Making Noises

Always wanted to do up my exhaust. With the CTS-V being my first car owned out of factory warranty... not to mentioned paid off... I went for it.

Went with:

  • Borla’s X-Pipe w/Mid Pipes to get rid of the “crimp”
  • Borla’s Axle-Back Exhaust “S-Type”
  • Custom piping to remove the secondary catalytic converters (they are un-monitored and so this does not trigger the CEL, and thus no ECU tune is needed)

Cold start + 3x revs:

Then, I did a day trip to the Interior to record some driving footage. I posted the trip re-cap here:

Microphone setup:


Traffic was light, so I basically had the tunnels all to myself:

Even without tunnels, I think it sounds alright when I get on it... which I kinda have to to get around people ;-)

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